The GBT group of companies: Specialists in cooperation

The GBT group of companies is of medium-sized structure and owner-managed. Since the founding of the parent company in 1966, it has now developed into todays, globally-recognised, specialist in heavy-duty industrial corrosion protection.

The over 230 GBT employees, come from 15 nations and are distributed at locations all over Europe, which are strengthened by subsidiaries and partner companies throughout the world. About 70 percent of company operations take place abroad, 30 percent in German-speaking areas. 

GBT international. Our service net work

GBT BÜCOLIT GmbH in Marl as centre of the group supports additional companies in the European economic zone: 

  • GBT BENELUX b.v., Netherlands

In addition, there are partner companies and representatives in:

  • USA
  • China
  • India
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

Diversity in knowledge and ability

GBT group's range of services includes many highly specialised areas of work: 

  • Heavy-duty corrosion protection
  • Plant construction and renovation
  • Plant optimisation
  • Plant equipment construction

Heavy-duty corrosion protection for branches of heavy industry

GBT group's customers primarily include branches of industry having great technological and infrastructural importance: 

  • Power stations
  • Refuse incineration plants
  • Automotive industry
  • Cement and steel
  • Chemicals industry 

GBT group's work, targets the central requirements of todays society and industrial landscape:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Process safety
  • Renovation
  • Modernisation

What we are today, wasn't born overnight: GBT's history

GBT groups history goes back into the late 19th century. Meaning that for over 100 years now, we have been a partner to the industrial history of the German economy.

1899 Establishment of Harzer Achsenwerke (HAW)
1920 Invention of industrial rubber linings
1950 First construction site rubber linings
1966 Founding of BÜCOPlast GmbH at the Marl site
1970 Development of BÜCOLIT material
1995 Change of company name to GBT-BÜCOLIT GmbH
2010 Incorporation of HAW Linings GmbH into the GBT group of companies
2011 Founding of GBT POLSKA Sp. zo.o.
2018 Founding of GBT BUCOLIT ESPAÑA S.L.U.
2019 Founding of ACT Westerwald GmbH


HAW Linings GmbH: Inventor of industrial rubber linings

With HAW Linings GmbH in Bornum (Harz) the GBT group has brought the inventor of the industrial rubber lining into its ranks. Patented in 1920, it was this technology, which today's chemical industry in Germany must be thankful for in enabling it to achieve its leading position. 

In its highly specialised area of technology, HAW Linings GmbH has made its mark in many ways. Including, for example, the largest autoclaves for vulcanisation and the largest centre with own rail connection for rubberised tank wagons in Europe. 

Within the GBT group of companies, HAW Linings GmbH is the specialist for:

  • Rubber linings
  • Plant equipment construction
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